The camera club meets the first and third Monday of each month except in December. The first Monday of each month is designated as the Program night. Each month, the club members have the opportunity to learn new photography concepts, tips and tricks.  The programs are lead by local guess photographers and our club members who present their own experiences.

Come back to find out about future programs and then join us on the first Monday of each month.

Coming in: August – Photoshop Basics by Sharon Sturgis

*Make sure to bring your laptop so you can follow along. If you don’t have one, I’m sure one of the club members will share.*

Below is how Sharon feels about Art, Photography and being creative…

Art has always been my passion. Early in life I learned to paint from my Grandmother. I would spend time in her studio in Wyoming and follow along. She opened by eyes to always look for the new or different. I remember my 1st oil painting on wax paper. It actually was really interesting!!!

Through her and my mother I was exposed to New York City life, riding and fishing in Wyoming, and collecting art in Europe. Never would I have thought my life was different, but as I got older I learned how fortunate I was.

So years later, while working in advertising (back then we sent film prints to the TV stations), I got into photography. Here again I am so fortunate to have learned the craft of film from some of the best cameramen in LA. Although I stayed in Advertising creating TV commercials for 30 years, more and more I was exploring my own expressions in my photography. I knew that light was what caught me. It did not matter if it was macro, wildlife or portrait; it’s in the light!!!!!

Now, I try to push the boundaries whenever I can. Photoshop and various other apps have opened so many doors not available in the darkroom.

My teaching is all about breaking out of your boxes, pushing your limits, letting your creativity loose!!!! So, although the photography might be easier with today’s digital revolution, the heart of any photograph is its ability to make you feel something. That has not, nor will it ever change.

Coming in September – The New Website

After spending a couple months redesigning and upgrading the website, we will unveil all the hidden tips and tricks to club members.

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