The camera club meets the first  Monday of each month except in December. Each month,  club members have the opportunity to learn new photography concepts, tips and tricks.  The programs are lead by local guest and club members.

January 2020

January is a time to welcome new members and also say hello to existing members we reconnect.

February 2020

We’re talking Composition. What is composition? What are the elements of composition? What are the rules of composition? Well…we can’t everything but we are talking about the fundamentals of what composition is.

March 2020

It’s been a few months since we’ve been taking photos with club members and on our own. So what do you do now? Let’s talk a little about editing photos. Let’s talk about editing programs. Some will be free and others  require payment or subscription. Let’s also talk about resizing photos.

April 2020


May 2020


June 2020

It’s been a few months isolated in our homes due to COVID 19. But now we’re back and shaking off the layers of isolation. This month we will be watching a exploring What to Shoot When There’s Nothing to Shoot. We’ll also be discussing the future of club competition and how we get started.

July 2020

Has we head into the summer months, I thought it would be a good idea to look at things that can be done either inside or out so that weather won’t slow us down taking pictures. So we are going to look at how to creature breath taking floral images.

August 2020


September 2020


October 2020


November 2020


More information coming soon!
You can also find out about upcoming programs through our facebook page and Calendar.

We share our interest and experiences in photography and learn from others in order to improve our skills.