Monthly Club Competition

Monthly Themes

Competition Themes

General Rules and Procedures


Only members in good standing are eligible to enter in monthly critique.


All submitted work should bear a title or caption unlike other titles by the same photographer.


All submitted work must be identified with the entrant’s assigned club number. The photographer’s name must NOT appear on any material submitted.

Original Image

Images entered into the Artistic class of competition require that a small print of the original work be attached to the back of the mounting material showing the image before creative manipulation. Entries that lack this small print showing the image before manipulation will be judged for critique only and no points will be earned toward year end awards.


Commercial processing of films and prints and preparation of mounting materials are permissible. Otherwise, the creation and presentation of the image must be solely the work of the entrant.

Image Ownership

Images entered in club competitions must be solely the work of the entrant. All elements of the submitted image and any digital manipulation performed on such images must be the photographer’s own creative work and may not include content derived from other sources.

Nude Photo Policy

Nude photos are not accepted into any competition or exhibition hosted by the Cleburne Camera Club. The competition chairperson may also disqualify other submissions of a distasteful nature.


Class A+ submissions will be brought to the 2nd meeting of the month, and will be judged at that time. Entries other than Class A+ will be collected at the first meeting of each month. Judging results and critiquing will take place at the second meeting of the month or as otherwise announced. Judges are encouraged to attend and give constructive criticism of all images. Judges who cannot attend are encouraged to send the comments on notes or tapes.


The judging chairperson will provide marked locations and receptacles for collection and return of print entries. It will be the responsibility of each entrant to deposit entries in the appropriate location and to reclaim entries following the critique. Any other arrangement for turn-in of entries will be by mutual agreement between the chairperson and the individual entrant, at the chairperson’s convenience.

Monthly Themes

Entries in “closed” or “assigned subject” critiques must conform to the assigned theme either literally or in a readily apparent, figurative sense. If you choose not to enter a photo for the assigned subject, you may enter any photo of your choosing for critique only. No points will be earned toward year end awards.


A photographer may not enter subsequent photos of the same subject unless they differ significantly in perspective, lighting or composition. All entries are to be reviewed by the Judging committee. Any entry determined to be unacceptable under the above mentioned criteria will not be submitted for judging. Examples would be things not on topic or a date stamp showing. Off topic entries may be submitted for critique, but will not earn points toward year end awards.

Earned Points

An accumulative point system is maintained by the judging committee for members entering monthly critiques. Each entry will be assigned a numerical score not to exceed 15 points. A 1st and 2nd place ribbon will be awarded in each class, in each division.  The judge will choose one (1) “Best of Show” which will be awarded an additional 2 points.

End of Year Awards

The person in each class with the highest number of points will be declared “Photographer of the Year”. In the case of a tie, the progression will go to total 1st place ribbons, then to 2nd place ribbons.


The Photographer of the Year in Class B is required to move up to Class A. The Runner-Up may choose to move up to Class A.

New Members

New members may compete in Class B or Class A prints at their discretion. They may at any time move up from Class B to A, but may move down to Class B only at year’s end and under the rules of regression.

Rules for Special Cases

Special cases of progression or regression may be resolved on an individual basis by the Board of Directors.

Rules for Prints
Rules for Digital Images

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