Let’s Get Creative – A Fun Photo Challege

We’re trying something new & fun here. It’s really not new for Facebook or Instagram, but new to us. Come get creative with us. Each month we’re going to post a creative challenge that is open for everyone to participate. The idea is to take something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinarily beautiful or creative. So we’re giving everyone the opportunity to post their pictures in the thread of each challenge. At the end of each month, we’ll move the photos to our website and put them in a virtual gallery. So come on folks, let’s have some fun & LET’S GET CREATIVE.

It’s brand new year. I know it’s February, but it’s still the start to 2019. Are you excited about photography? Are you excited about your Photography? Sometimes we struggle with our craft. Sometime we just hit a slump and don’t know if and when we will ever get our “groove” back. There are many techniques or practices that can help get us out of the runt. 365 projects can be useful if you are dedicated to a picture a day. Weekly or monthly challenges can be help as well while giving more time to produce a theme photograph. Here we like to explore the later of those practices; posting an event just once a month but giving our viewers every opportunity to share as many photos as they choose. So for the month of February and keeping with the holidays that fall within the month, our theme this month is LOVE. Show us what you love in life.

You can post your images in Instagram or in the Facebook thread on our page, https://www.facebook.com/cleburnecameraclub. Please use the hashtag #cc_letsgetcreative





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