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The Cleburne Camera Club is a member of the Gulf States Camera Club. Our club has been a member since 2015. As such members of the Cleburne Camera Club are eligible to participate in any Gulf Coast Camera Club activities, outings or competitions. Below is a brief description and history of the Gulf States Camera Club organization.

The Gulf States Camera Club Council (GSCCC) was organized at a meeting in Baton Rouge, LA in October, 1954 at the Old Louisiana State Capitol. This meeting took place on the occasion of the First Annual Gulf States Camera Club Photographic Exhibition held under the sponsorship of the Louisiana Art Commission. This annual photographic competition was continued by the Louisiana Art Commission until 1966.

The first elected Council president was William G. McClanahan of Lake Charles, LA. L. E. Stagg, Jr. of Beaumont, TX and C. Jerry Derbe of Jackson, MS were elected as vice presidents, with Allen T. Turpin, of Monroe, LA serving as secretary – treasurer.

By the end of the first year, 25 clubs from Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas made up the Council roster.

The second annual get together was a convention held in Shreveport, LA in late October, 1955. Convention activities included a get acquainted party, a field trip in the Shreveport area, model setups, a museum tour, viewing of the GSCCC Exhibition of Photography from the Louisiana Art Commission, a trip to the Louisiana State Fair, a buffet supper and a day of programs.

Annual conventions have continued, having moved to the spring of the year. They are hosted by member clubs from around the entire Council area. Conventions nowadays include the Council year-end competition, a photographic field trip, model shoots, and a day and a half of programs, ending with an awards banquet and a grand finale program.

Today 35 clubs from Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas continue the organization and the convention tradition.

Conventions are a time for a gathering of friends from around the Council area, and for making new friends, exchanging ideas, and learning from programs. The host clubs have the pleasure of serving and entertaining their fellow photographers.

Recent GSCCC Conventions have been held in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Fort Worth, and Austin.

Interclub activities includeslide and print competition. Beginning in 2006, digital photography was recognized and added to the competition categories. Clubs may now compete in Pictorial, Nature, and Photojournalism categories in digital and non-digital images, as well as prints in all three categories.

For the benefit of camera club program chairpersons, a library of slide programs has some 20 programs available for borrowing at a slight cost to member clubs.

One thread tying the clubs together is GSCCC News, a monthly newsletter of from six to eight pages, carrying news of individual club activities, and the results from the interclub competitions. It usually also includes an article containing useful photographic information.

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We share our interest and experiences in photography and learn from others in order to improve our skills.