Digital Monthly Competition

Each month our members will participate in a themed monthly competition. Each theme will be posted on our Facebook Page at least one month before the deadline. The competition deadline is one week before the club’s meeting. Since the club meets the first Monday of each month, the deadline, therefore, is Monday at 9pm one week before the meeting. Club members may submit their digital images through this website  or may email images to

To participate in monthly competitions, members must:

  • Be current with their membership dues.
  • Be open to critique of their work and open to discussion about it.

Monthly Theme for April: Walk in Nature (Head out for a walk through the woods. Look out for wildlife and interesting plants to photography as well as looking for lines, shapes, patterns and textures in nature.

Guideline for the Monthly Competition

There are three categories that club members can submit their images into. They are defined as:

Color – Club members may submit one color image each month. Colors can be cropped and have small adjustments made to the sharpness, composition and other basic edits.

Black & White – Club members may submit one image that has been convert to Black and White and have small adjustments made to the sharpness, composition and other basic edits.

Artistic – Club members may submit one image that has had elements added to or removed from the original image. Other edits may include adding other photographic effects such as filters and layers as well as color enhancements. Anything goes!

Judging for the Monthly Competition

Each digital image submitted for the monthly competition will be judged on the following criteria each worth 5 points.

Theme – Did the photographer’s image reflect the monthly theme.

Technical – Did the photographer’s image meet technical standards of photography such as sharpness, depth of field, clarity, etc.

Composition – Did the photographer’s image have basic composition elements such as clarity, uses of Rules of Thirds, straight horizons and vertical lines as well as other composition elements.

Interest –  Did the photographer’s image have a compelling focus that capture the viewer’s interest. Did the image tell an interesting story.

Enter monthly competition by clicking here or use email address mentioned at the top of the page. Please include your name, member number, title and category.


Images submitted for monthly competitions

March 2021 – Flowers