We welcome anyone to join us on our monthly outings.

Our club members enjoy participating in monthly outings (except in December). Usually the outings are day trips to places of photographic interest but on occasion there may be some outings that are overnight. When this occurs announcements will be may well in advance so schedules and arrangements can be made. You can find the event here on this page and when dates and times have been set, we will create an event on the official Facebook Page so be sure to like our official page to get notifications when the event is created.

January 19th 2020 @ 1pm- Still Life

Since our weather is unpredictable and the scenery is usually uninteresting, we thought it would be fun to have a hands on still life session . For more information on this event, check out the calendar event on the official Facebook Page www.facebook.com/cleburnecameraclub


February 2020 – A Little Street Photography in Down Town Fort Worth

We are heading to the downtown area of Fort Worth for a little Street Photography around the Water Gardens and Sundance Square. Date and time coming soon, so check out the calendar event on the official Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/cleburnecameraclub

March 2020 – Butterflies in the Garden (FW Botanical Garden)

Celebrate the Change” in the Fort Worth Botanic Garden’s recently restored conservatory and marvel at a multitude of butterflies during “Butterflies in the Garden,” the largest exhibit of live, exotic butterflies in north central Texas.

April 2020 – Giant Tulip Farm (San Antonio)

There’s nothing better in Texas springtime than going to a beautiful tulip field and bringing home freshly picked flowers. While we love the TX bluebonnets, there’s just something about these flowers from the Netherlands. You’ll also get some incredible photos in their colorful fields. Mark your calendars, because a giant Texas tulip field is coming to San Antonio in early April 2020.

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More coming soon….

Whether you are a current member or interested in becoming one, you are welcome to join us unless the outing specifically states it is for members only.

You can find more information about our planned outing by clicking the here clicking on our Facebook Page.

We share our interest and experiences in photography and learn from others in order to improve our skills.