How to Mat Photos


Step One

Hinging Mat to Mountboard – Making a Mat Folder

1.  Place the cut mat upside down on a clean surface.

2.  Put one edge of the matboard against a same-sized edge of the mountboard.

3. Run one long piece of tape along the edges of each board to join them.

Step Two

Attaching Art to Mountboard – Hinging Images

1. Open the mat folder and lay your image face up on top of the mountboard.

2.    Close the mat folder so the mat lies over the image.

3.   Shift the art so it is positioned perfectly within the window.

4.   Gently place a soft weight on top of the image to prevent it from shifting. Lift the mat off of the image.

5.   Carefully lift the top edge of the image without shifting its

position under the weight. Place a piece of tape every 3-4”

along that top edge so that half of the tape tab sticks to the back

of the art and half extends above it.

6.   Lay another piece of tape, sticky side down, horizontally across the extended tape pieces. This forms a tape T and attaches the image to the mountboard. Make sure to burnish the tape a bit to make it stick to both the art and the mountboard.