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Well It’s A Wrap!
Our 2017 club year has come to the end. In a few days, it will be 2018 and we’ll be off on new adventures. But before we close the book and move on we need to recognize the accomplishments of our members. All year long we hold monthly competitions where our work is critiqued and judged. This year’s division winners were:

Class A Photographer of the Year                          Julie Robinson
Class B Photographer of the Year                          Kellye Bussey
Black & White Photographer of the Year                 Julie Robinson
Artistic Photographer of the Year                            Kellye Bussey
Digital Photographer of the Year                             Kellye Bussey

Rising Stars Awardees                                          Irene Herr & Maryanne Brown

Our overall Photographer of the Year was Kellye Bussey. Kellye consistently produced winning work month over month in all divisions. As an additional note Kellye also competed in the Fort Worth Camera Club and was a winner there too.

It’s important to note all the members that produced work that put them in the running for Photographer of the Year. 2017 Winners were; Roger Armstrong, Steve Baldwin, Cynthia Davison, Donna Gregory, Diane Collins, Henry Bogusch, Julie Robinson, Marian Kalka, Denise Ollman, Jhan Beaupre, Maryanne Brown, Tony Garn, Kellye Bussey, Irene Herr, and Richard Ingram.

Kellye Bussey, Club President Mike Mahaffey, and Julie Robinson