October’s Character Study was a big hit!

What I thought would be a low turnout month for our competition turned out to be a big hit. We had 41 entries across all the divisions. More than I can remember in any other month! So great job to all of you that submitted some of the great work we looked at this month. Julie Robinson has been off traveling and enjoying retirement and has been missing from our competitions. She came roaring back in October with an incredible posed picture of a marine.

From Julie “Jim is a former Marine that I met through my brother-in-law.  His enlistment included service as an embassy guard, a member of Spiro Agnew’s security detail, and he was one of the Marines featured in a commercial where they were looking for “a few good men.”  He recently reconnected with some of his buddies who get together each November for a celebration of the Marine Corps birthday.  Jim is a free spirit and travels throughout the Southwest in his truck.”

It’s pretty clear that Julie really caught the spirit of theme. Great job Julie!


Winners by Classes

Color Class A – 1st place went to Roger Armstrong and 2nd place to Mike Mahaffey

Color Class B – 1st place went to Kellye Bussey and 2nd place to Jhan Beaver

Black & White – 1st place went to Roger Armstrong and 2nd place went to Irene Herr

Artistic – 1st place went to Katie Conner and 2nd place went to Henry Long

Digital’s – 1st place went and Best of Show went to Julie Robinson and 2nd place to Irene Herr

Here are this month’s winners